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CNN gives five reasons 'Buffy' gets snubbed by Emmys

UK News

The BBC follow the Three Bad boys.

BBC 2 Schedual Change

Hi people
The forum started, then died, then started again! I guess I need to push it a wee bit more.. Please GO VISIT it, and sign up, and post some stuff. we are creating the hits to make this portal a good one, let us know what it is lacking?

As you know we are in a state of shear brokenness! Well, time is allocated, and I have started fixing things... to keep informed of things, sign up for the newsletter ( bottom right ).

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Oct 22nd 2002
New Homepage design, as the first one was badly formatted, kept here for fun.

Sept 1st 2002
Our new forum went live today. Come visit, and sign up. Discuss Buffy stuff till your hearts content

Would buffy be more attractive with brown hair?
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